Crossroads Online provides students with an opportunity to take a few classes online or to fully complete a Bachelor of Science degree in all four majors.

Self-paced learning is education which the learner studies a subject at one’s own pace and has limited professor contact hours. At CBC, self-paced learning is monitored in 8-week modules at the beginning of the first day of each month. A course extension may be granted by the grading professor. Students complete online reflections, projects, and reading assignments through Populi and a consortium of schools. The student works through each lesson and learning exercises.

This self-paced option is not for all students therefore all Fort Wayne students will need to attend our campus for six months (or one term) on site, unless you have proof that you have completed online courses prior to attending. This assessment is deemed to promote best success practices on behalf of any student based on their individual abilities and skill sets.

"Crossroads is a college that has the heart of the student first and they are genuinely interested in your success. Both the faculty and administrator are just like a cell phone in your back pocket." Fred Morris