Where is the Fort Wayne campus located?

The Fort Wayne branch of Crossroads Bible College is located at 1025 W. Rudisill Blvd., Fort Wayne IN 46807.

Visit our Contact page for a map of our location.

How do I get a Copy of my Class Schedule?

Your class schedule is found in your student portal, Populi. Every student is able to print a copy of their own schedule. Go to Populi and click on your student profile tab. Look on the right and click on the cog wheel. Take the option there to export your schedule. You can print it.

How do I Drop/Add/Withdraw a Course?

Drop/Add: After the semester has begun, students may change their schedule, within certain limitations and deadlines, by submitting a Drop/Add Form found at the Registrar Forms page and also paying a $50 fee (for course drops). Not showing up for a class does not result in automatic drops. The form and fee must be completed before the drop deadline. For 5 week classes and for online classes, this deadline is the beginning of the second class session. For 15 week classes, a graduated scale for refunds of tuition (fees are non-refundable) is used when courses are dropped within the first four weeks, depending on the length of the class (see Refund Policy). In addition, students may change their status for any 15 week course from credit to audit within the first four weeks (changes from audit to credit require permission of the faculty instructor). Courses dropped will not appear on the student’s transcript.

Withdraw: Students may drop classes during the first four weeks of 15 week classes (5 week, Summer and Winterim classes are adjusted proportionally) without the classes showing on their permanent record. After the fourth week, students are permitted to withdraw from classes only if students have a passing grade in the course by submitting a completed Withdrawal From Courses Form. All tuition and fees will apply. A grade of “W” will appear on the permanent record, which grants no credit and has no effect on the grade point average. Withdrawals are not permitted after the twelfth week.If a student stops attending class without officially withdrawing from the class, the student will receive a grade of “FN.” Any student who may fail to complete a class because of legitimate, extenuating circumstances is encouraged to speak with their instructor and/or Academic Advisor before they fail the class.

Where do I get Forms that are Needed?

The Registrar Forms page has all the forms you will need.  Some of the more commonly used forms have been attached below for your convenience.




Floyd desired a college degree. He struggled to find a schedule that would work with his ministry. He found Crossroads. It was more than he hoped. Floyd Bledsoe