Associate of Arts is a two-year undergraduate Degree Program in Organizational Leadership. The program is designed for working adults, classes meet one evening a week, one class at a time.  The classes include general education requirements, business classes in planning, marketing, interpreting financial spread sheets all the while integrating their personal faith and professional lives. For some students, an associate’s degree provides preparation for a bachelor’s degree.

Associate of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership

Courses: (required)

  1. LA 1104 English Composition I
  2. SS 2204 Introduction Sociology
  3. SC 1105 Introduction to Computers
  4. LA 1105 English Composition II
  5. HP 1108 Health & Physical Science
  6. HU 2200 Humanities (American History I)
  7. BI 2107 Old Testament Introduction
  8. BI 2207 Hermeneutics
  9. BI 2206 New Testament Introduction
  10. BT 1102 Building a Biblical Lifestyle
  11. BT 1153 Survey of Doctrine
  12. PL 1101 Evangelism & Discipleship
  13. UL 1185 Introduction to Holistic Urban Ministry
  14. UL 2203 Culture, Race & the Church
  15. BU 1103 Organizational Behavior
  16. BU 2210 Essentials of Management
  17. BU 1117 Recruit, Motivating & Retaining
  18. BU 2213 Economics for the Managers
  19. Open Elective (3 hours)
  20. Open Elective (3 hours)
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